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Iowa City
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Mokotsi Rukundo

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Mokotsi Rukundo is a screen writer/ producer born in Mbabane Swaziland. He moved to Iowa when he was 10 and grew up to graduate a Hawkeye. After running a business for six years another entrepreneurial itch infected him. Story telling. With this realization Mokotsi moved to Los Angeles and began to study and write film. Over the course of four years, he preformed as a Stand up comic and wrote/produced short films. Making a film in Mokotsi's home town has been a dream of his since he left Iowa.

Brian Lucke Anderson

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Brian Lucke Anderson is an American Director and Cinematographer. He began his film career in 2011 by starting his own production company and has served numerous non profits and national brands such as Nat Geo, Google, Gofundme, One Hope, and Safe Families. His work has brought him to over 20 Countries creating documentaries that help raise millions of Dollars. In 2016 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a feature film director where he resides with his Wife and 3 kids.