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Cast & Crew

Learn more about the incredible cast and crew for East of Middle West.


Director / Producer

Brian Lucke Anderson is an American director and producer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A graduate from the University of Florida, Brian honed his creativity with music, film, and photography. He began his career as a cinematographer and quickly transitioned to directing and producing documentaries, short films, and commercials through his own production company, Stained Glass.  Brian’s passion for philanthropy and storytelling has linked him with organizations that tell stories all around the world. His work and travel are a huge influence on his narrative film work. Bringing heartfelt stories to the screen is evident in his directorial feature debut, East of Middle West, a story of an Iowa teenage runaway and a widowed father, each fighting to take matters into their own hands to redeem their dark past.  


Brian’s development of great scripts and characters is apparent in his collaboration with actors and crew on set. Brian leads his productions by working closely with others, giving them the opportunity to express their interpretation of the script. From pre-production to post-production, Brian collaborates and trusts each team member’s expertise to bring a unified vision to the screen. Brian lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, children, and dog Banjo.



Writer / Producer

Mokotsi Rukundo is a screenwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. Born in Mbabane, Swaziland, Mokotsi moved to Iowa when he was 10 years old. As a screenwriter, Mokotsi draws inspiration from observing moments with his charismatic family and friends, and translating them to his screenplays. Mokotsi’s motto is, “Write who you are. Write what you observe. Write characters who are believable.” 


He jumped in full force when writing his feature film screenplay, East of Middle West. Mokotsi believes that every artist needs a childlike naivete when creating a new project, and maturity happens once you’re in it. Mokotsi’s maturity kicked in when he became a producer on the film. Filming in Iowa gave him the opportunity to give back to his community, while staying true to his vision of the script. 


His passion for storytelling drove him to Los Angeles where he studied and wrote scripts for several years. Mokotsi has written and produced a number of short films, and he is currently pitching a feature film, Pump Fake, and a historical fiction drama for television, Kinfolk. Although he continues to be a kid at heart, his voice has matured. Listening to and observing people from different cultures and backgrounds inspires Mokotsi to write about the complex nature of human connection. 


A former stand-up comic, Mokotsi draws on his sense of humor and dramatic-inspiration from the strong women in his life. “I have the most amazing mom and sisters. As the only boy in the family, I have stories for a lifetime to draw on! But it’s a beautiful madness to be in." The comfort and support of his family reinforces his strong belief that kindness is a currency we can all be wealthy in.

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